Countdown 21: A Businessman’s Approach to Eternal Profit

The book written by David Gee is unique from many perspectives. To begin with, it’s written by a layman rather than a theologian. As a believer, David has invested over 20 years as a student of the Bible. He has a strong sense of excellence that is driven by the Biblical edict to “do all as unto the Lord.” He has put this drive into research and analysis of Biblical prophecy. This book will inform and inspire you because you see the plan God has ordained to bring his children back.

The book is also different because of the uncanny business advice it offers. David has trusted God to guide him into various entrepreneurial enterprises that have succeeded. His obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit has led him to weather many storms and triumph over adversity.

The book contains insights into financial endeavors to help believers in these uncertain times. It also gives insight into the institution God first ordained – family.

This compelling page turner will draw you into his thoughts, values and prophetic interpretation.